Pick ‘n’ mix: the options are endless


There’s something about pick ‘n’ mix that excites us. And we don’t think we’re alone.

Typically, the concept of ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ conjures up images of sweets but it’s actually used to merchandise a far greater variety of goods, such as in-store baked bread rolls – although retailers often don’t label it as such.

We, however, reckon the concept can be rolled out much further still.

We were recently asked by Morrisons to redesign its Manchester Piccadillly Gardens store. It includes a pick ‘n’ mix sushi counter, allowing customers to choose pieces of sushi from the display in front of them, similar to the shopping experience at sushi operator Wasabi.

On the subject of meat & fish, fellow Brighton business McStrongs offers Pig-n-Mix – a mini sausage roll pick ‘n’ mix service at Brighton’s Open Market. We love the idea and could see the concept – and the fantastic flavours – creating a talking point during a summer picnic whilst friends gorge on their chosen mix.

Meanwhile, tea brand Twinings hosts a pick ‘n’ mix section on its website, allowing customers to pick a selection of teabags from a wide range.

It strikes us that pick ‘n’ mix could play a bigger role in enhancing the in-store shopping experience for grocery retailers. Not least because of the similarities between the concept and certain types of multibuy deal.

‘Pick ‘n’ mix’ might even have a roll to play in helping to prevent food waste. Have you ever opened a bag /box of herbal tea, realised they’re not for you and had another 24 teabags still to drink /throw out?


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