From Tuscany to London


This was going to be a blog about ‘discovering’ punched metal signage and promoting its potential for application in the retail context: Rich was recently in Volterra, Tuscany and came across the use of punched metal signage to indicate utility points (images 2 & 3, left), and information (image 1, left), around the town.

(A quick Google search actually reveals that punched tin was used by motor and motor supply / service companies for advertising signs in the early part of last century.)

But then… we popped into one of our favourite shops of the moment, Arket Regent Street, and realised H&M’s premium lifestyle brand was already onto it (see images 4, 5 & 6, left).

Either way, here are five reasons we love the technique:

  1. Contrary to what you might think, it has great standout – in daylight at least, particularly when the punched material is light in colour.
  2. Its practical application is simple – or as our senior designer Becky says, “it’s zero-work”. Well, close to zero, anyway. Punch and you’re done.
  3. It would really come alive at night if you put a bright white light behind it.
  4. Done well, the technique has the potential to lend a craft / handmade finish to signage, but on a mass scale.
  5. The technique can easily be taken through to other formats, such as print material and packaging – just as Arket has done, see left.

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