An Italian culinary oasis in Elephant & Castle


We recently explored the new Mercato Metropolitano Italian food market in Elephant & Castle. As well as being awash with hip-ness, the space is an ode to design loveliness. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover some real design gems that aren’t even aware of how cool they are.

Here are our top five unsung design details (see numbered photos to the left):

1. This ‘we love fruits’ poster of illustrated fruits is simple, but it does so much: it acts as a product list for the fruit section, it adds some colour to the store, and it makes the brand seem down-to-earth and uncomplicated. The best bit? All that creative white space that a client hasn’t said needs filling!

2. This small alcove, containing a sink and a few glasses, subtly informs customers that this is an interactive environment, somewhere to try before they buy. Best “lo-fi interactive” award right here.

3. We love the way that Mercato Metropolitano is creating an almost tongue-in-cheek lifestyle around the brand, as shown in this poster. And if you have any passion for mid-sixties advertising character illustration, then you’ll love the visual referencing of the little guy below to it. Check out Dick Bruna’s 60’s/ 70’s advertising drawings for a start.

4. Even modern plastic crates look good. Effective merchandising isn’t about always sourcing vintage tea crates and paying through the nose for them. These ordinary crates are striking against the industrial backdrop of this space.

5. They say that seeing is believing – so why not show customers something being made, such as coffee being roasted, here. This roaster looks like its been banged together in the shed of  a genius inventor. They also say that such initiatives help build trust with customers… Well, the customer writing this blog wants a coffee from here!


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    Philip Barnes - General Manager, Standen House & Garden

  • “Since Sherlock began our rebranding, The Mulberry Bush Organisation has raised more money, has increased the children’s referrals from Local Authorities so that we now have a waiting list, has attracted celebrities... and has hugely raised our profile among the professionals.”

    Jane Smiley – Head of Communications, The Mulberry Bush Organisation

  • ”Our project had a tight turnaround time, but Sherlock showed a quick grasp of the brief, and provided excellent customer service, flexibility and professionalism.“

    Kate Anderson - Projects and Office Manager

  • “We are thrilled with Sherlock’s work – it did absolutely everything we were hoping for... we’re particularly delighted by their attention to detail... They have also read the space very well which, although it’s a blank canvas, needed to be carefully considered...”

    Emily Hogan - Development Manager, Little Green Pig

  • “Sherlock have been brilliant to work with, very flexible, creative and have enabled us to marry the brand with our key exhibition spaces so our story is continuous.”

    Karla Barnacle-Best - Chief Executive, Discover Children‘s Story Centre

  • ”We have found Sherlock creative and responsive, delivering design solutions which fit the brief but also pushing its boundaries. They have always been there to help us out when we needed them and have always managed to maintain a friendly and funky working relationship with us.”

    Sally Ann Lycett - Director of External Relations, De La Warr Pavilion

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