Creating an online presence for a sushi craftsman


The client

O’shio is a Korean and Japanese restaurant which opened on Brighton’s Trafalgar Street in 2016.

The brief

The O’shio team’s immediate priority was to get the restaurant up and running, but after several months of trading, O’shio asked us to develop the look & feel of its first website. We also undertook the food styling, photography, and copywriting, partnering with our preferred web developer who undertook the technical aspects. You can visit the website here.

What we delivered

Echoing the restaurant’s interior, the design of the website has been kept quite simple, allowing for the beautiful food to do the talking. And in line with wider restaurant and retail trends, we used a dark colour palette to enhance the website’s premium look.

We aimed to create a look & feel that was premium but didn’t suggest ‘pricey’ and we wanted to inform customers, by showing each dish, but without it reading like a catalogue.

Most important of all, the website had to emphasise the restaurant’s credentials as an independent business.

What the client said

“The Sherlock team were so helpful and did so much more than we asked of them. In fact, they are now sushi experts, due to the level of detail they went into during the project!” – Min Seop Lee, chef-proprietor of O’Shio.

Min Sop Lee

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