Training children for space

Little Green Pig

The brief

We were asked by our client Little Green Pig (LGP) to create the concept for a creative learning space so LGP could host a story writing residency in a local school. We were given the theme of an international space training centre and asked to come up with a brand identity, concept and layout based on two unused classrooms.

We were also asked to produce supporting comms, graphics and print material.

What we delivered

Given the very limited build budget, we relied heavily on strong graphics to bring the space together, using a concrete texture and yellow typography to give the look & feel of an institutional building.

We created a series of different zones across the two classrooms to give the children the impression of a full programme of space training. These different zones also helped to ensure the space offered variety, catering to the children’s varied interests and creating multiple points of inspiration for their story writing. The zones comprised:

  • The mission control centre – where trainee astronauts are informed of their forthcoming mission.
  • A tech hub – where trainee astronauts learn about mechanical and electrical engineering in space.

A biolab facility – where agricultural and horticultural space skills are tought.
A fitness hub – a place to test that trainee astronauts are physically fit enough to go into space.
Space simulator – an area draped in black fabric to be used as a quiet, thinking space for children to sit in and look at stars and constellations. This could also double up as a space for children with special educational needs, away from the distractions of the main room.

To support the concept, we created a newspaper front cover containing a back story to underpin the concept, to build excitement amongst school classes prior to their workshop. Meanwhile, a workbook provided a momento of their experience and something they could carry on working in post-workshop.

You can watch Little Green Pig’s video about the project (directed by Lucas Orme), below. It showcases the space and discusses the project’s impact.

What the client said

“Once again, the team at Sherlock has been a joy to collaborate with. Working to our challenging brief and within a small budget, Sherlock delivered a fresh and fun design plan and responded creatively and efficiently to our feedback at every stage. In addition to nailing the look & feel of the space – and providing us with excellent instructions on how to pull it together – the designers were sensitive to the purpose of the project and we felt that they had Little Green Pig’s mission and ethos in mind throughout the process.” Emily Hogan, Development Manager, Little Green Pig

Image credit: Lucas Orme

Image credit: Lucas Orme

Image credit: Lucas Orme

Image credit: Lucas Orme

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